Attract shoppers’ attention when and where it matters most


Why shoppers decide to buy a particular brand or product is a question every manufacturer, marketer and retailer would love answered, especially as we’re told shopping is not rational and most shoppers make instant decisions subconsciously.

Although many consumers research brands online before heading to the store, latest statistics (OgilvyAction Study 2017) show that 70% of shoppers’ purchase decisions are actually made in-store, and 28% of shoppers will decide on which product to buy while standing in front of the shelves, even though they may have had another brand in mind before entering the retail space.

The study cites as many as 1 in 10 shoppers will switch brands in store if your brand does not stand out or is difficult to find. 

The truth is: shoppers who are ready to spend want to be engaged by products as they stand facing the shelves. Given the amount of choice available in most shopping environments, the products that tend to fly of the shelves:

  • Are clearly visible and easy to find
  • Have good brand building and activation initiatives

All five senses play a role in the purchasing process, but sight remains No 1. Shoppers spend less time in-store today, so you need to ensure your product is seen and understood quickly and easily because this is what leads to a sale.

 How can you achieve this?

Pyrotec PackMedia has an arsenal of innovative solutions that tick these boxes.

  • Do-it® Hang Tabs are a useful tool to hang your product attractively at the point of purchase for eye-catching displays. They come in various shapes, colours and sizes, depending on your specific needs. Display Strips from the same range can be used in store to ensure that your products are displayed in the middle-eye zone, an area proven to drive sales.
  • Promotional Fix-a-Form® Booklet Labels are an excellent solution for swaying an undecided shopper with an on-pack promotion, competition, coupon, collectable item or recipe booklet. They are incredibly versatile and can be used on any product of any size, form or material. And if its more information consumers need, then Fix-a-Form offers the space to include ingredients, instructions, tips or the story behind the brand, in a compact and attractive manner.
  • An ElastiTag device is so versatile it can be used to launch a new product line, tell your unique story, support a worthy cause, brag about an award, advertise a special offer, provide a coupon, cross merchandise products or kick off a promotion, while reducing packaging.

If moving merchandise off the store shelves quickly and profitably is your mission, visit Pyrotec PackMedia today for more information and ideas.