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Used skillfully, on-pack promotions can yield phenomenal results for your brand. On-pack promotions do what most mediums of communication cannot – drive purchase instore.

Pyrotec PackMedia offers a complete concept-to-application service of cost-effective, practical and innovative packaging solutions that enhance the visual appeal of goods in the retail environment.

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Benefits of using Fix-a-Form® Booklet Labels:

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With the array of multi-dimensional label options available from Pyrotec PackMedia, marketers can multiply by several times the effectiveness of their on-pack communication. The clever use of any of the formidable arsenal of on-pack solutions available will ensure your product stands out in the mind of your consumers; a sure way to increase sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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On-Pack Promotion is a collective name for a variety of promotional products that are self-adhesive and can be attached to your product. They vary from neck tags, butterfly labels, wing labels, and reverse printed labels, to our speciality, Fix-a-Form™ booklet labels.

The booklet labels are designed to create extra space for product usage instructions or promotional messages. The advantage is they are supplied on-reel for automatic application by standard labelling equipment.

Pyrotec PackMedia is the market leader. Not only do we provide a wide range of products but also extensive technical, labelling and marking solutions. The average consumer takes approximately 0.2 seconds to make a purchase decision instore. Pyrotec PackMedia ensures that you make the most of that time.

By visiting our website, and completing the contact form under contact. Or call us:

Cape Town – 021 787 9600

Johannesburg – 011 611 1820

Durban – 031 700 2338

Port Elizabeth – 041 487 0601

Please contact us and we will send you our full colour brochures and sample packs. All illustrations in our brochures have been used with great success by several companies. Consultants are available to demonstrate and assist you in creating an on-pack campaign.

This very much depends on the order quantity and the materials being used. An approximate guideline for production and delivery is within two to three weeks from approved artwork depending on the specific product chosen.

Our Multipage labels can contain up to 14 pages in the case of leaflet labels and 36 pages in the case of booklet labels.