Why Choose Premium Labels for the Nutraceutical Industry? A Look at Pyrotec PackMedia’s Expertise 

 In a rapidly evolving industry such as the nutraceutical market, product labelling stands as a crucial touchpoint between businesses and consumers. Premium labels aren’t just about aesthetics; they’re about compliance, trust, and effectively communicating vital information about your products – this is where Pyrotec PackMedia’s expertise truly shines. 


A Testament to Time: Trusting Pyrotec PackMedia’s Premium Labels 

 As the nutraceutical industry must comply with stringent labelling requirements, as per the Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act (Act 54 of 1972), trust is of paramount importance. Businesses need to feel confident that their labels meet every guideline and regulation. Pyrotec PackMedia, with its long-standing history and unflinching commitment to quality, provides that trust. 

Businesses can be assured that they are in safe hands. With Pyrotec PackMedia’s lead times and decades of experience, they make the complex process of product labelling for the nutraceutical industry a seamless, worry-free experience. 

Essential Information for Dietary Supplements Labels 

It’s also crucial to recognize the importance of displaying comprehensive, legally compliant information on the labels. Here’s a quick rundown of what Premium Labels for dietary supplements should include, as per Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act: 

  • Brand name and product name 
  • Manufacturer / packer / distributor name and street address 
  • Country of origin, manufacture and expiry date, batch number 
  • Product size or weight 
  • A clear list of ingredients, with the word ‘Ingredients:’ at the start 
  • Names of any preservatives or colorants used 
  • Nutritional table if a nutritional claim is made 
  • All labels must be in English 
  • If a product has healing or medical claims, it needs MCC registration 
  • Products with slimming or muscle enhancement claims also require MCC registration 
  • The labels must not make misleading claims 
  • Banned ingredients, such as hydroquinone (used for skin lightening), are not allowed 

Partnering with Pyrotec PackMedia: A Decision Towards Trust and Quality 

Choosing Pyrotec PackMedia’s Premium Labels means investing in compliance, quality, and consistency. They understand the ins and outs of the labelling for the nutraceutical industry and are perfectly poised to offer an exemplary service. 

An experienced and reputable partner such as Pyrotec PackMedia can take the stress out of your labelling process. This not only allows you to concentrate on your core business but also provides the support you need to align your labels with regulatory requirements. 

In a market where consumer trust is paramount, Pyrotec PackMedia steps up to the challenge, setting the gold standard for product labelling for the nutraceutical industry. By choosing Pyrotec PackMedia’s Premium Labels, you are choosing trust, excellence, and a proven track record. Because when it comes to labelling, every detail matters.

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