What is a Peel and Read Label?


A peel and read label is a multi-page label that can sit in the place of your product label, yet provide a much more valuable purpose.

Pyrotec PackMedia’s Peel and Read Labels can incorporate a varnish that allows customers to peel back one of the layers and reveal mandatory information – or elements that are integral to the running of a promotion, such as variable codes, secret passwords or tear off coupons. This high-quality label allows opening and closing as many times as is required.

Fix-a-Form® Peel and Read Labels have a broad range of use cases. In the personal health care, hair care or pharmaceutical industry, for example, they can be placed on smaller products where they occupy a compact space, yet can be peeled back to reveal consumer safety information, product contents and other mandatory information that would have otherwise cluttered the packaging.

In other industries, this innovative device can be used in an on-pack promotion, to reveal information that only customers who have purchased the product can see, because it is hidden under the main product label. This can help to incentivise purchase, as well as reward customers who have bought the product.

Pyrotec PackMedia’s Peel and Read labels come in various material options. And, whether this innovative on-pack communication solution is used to ensure compliance with increased legislation or meet consumer demand for more rewarding on-pack experiences – it meets a diverse range of business needs.

For your convenience, Pyrotec PackMedia’s Peel and Read labels are supplied on-reel for automatic application and use standard Premium Label Solutions equipment to ensure your production lines are not interrupted.

This solution is ideal, if you need to:

  • Multiply the area used for communication on-pack several times over, in a clear and legible way
  • Include detailed dosage instructions, contra-indications, ingredients, warnings or product descriptions
  • Communicate large volumes of information in a clear and legible format, which can be waterproofed
  • Incorporate multiple languages to extend the use of on-pack communication
  • Ensure information or instructions stay with the product and are easily accessible to the end-user.

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