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Helping older patients understand pharmaceutical labels

Pyrotec PackMedia, August 2021: As we get older our eyesight tends to deteriorate, making reading very small text extremely hard. Because most pharmaceutical labels are generally quite small, this can lead to the potential problem of medications being accidentally misused.

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Which laser coder best suits your beverage packaging?

Pyrotec PackMark, August 2021:  Applying best-before dates in the drinks industry make applying best-before dates a challenge. This is because while some technologies can print at high speed, the codes are not permanent and may lead to counterfeiting and non-compliance.

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One little label that can make big claims Web

One little label that can make big claims

Pyrotec PackMedia, July 2021: Agrochemical labels are governed by stringent legal requirements for product labelling. Because of their hazardous chemical compositions, this information ensures the product’s safe handling, storage, and usage. Increased legislation and consumer demand for information can present

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Reliable coding as and when you need it Web

Reliable coding as and when you need it

Pyrotec PackMark, July 2021: Generally seasonal, agrochemical products and pesticides are produced in challenging environments. What’s more, during peak season coding equipment is pushed to the limit before lying idle during the off-season. The continuous inkjet (CIJ) 9029 printer from

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Packaging that connects digitally Web

Packaging that connects digitally

Pyrotec, June 2021: Since the start of the pandemic, South Africa has seen a sharp rise in the uptake of online shopping. Among other things, this means that brand owners are increasingly considering how packaging translates digitally while also providing

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The right code on time every time Web

The right code on time, every time

Pyrotec PackMark, June 2021: Coding, marking and labelling is essential to the FMCG supply chain – from raw material to the end users.  At every stage of a product’s life, coding, marking and labelling equipment and materials are used for

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Helping packaged products to communicate

Pyrotec, May 17, 2021: One of the signs of a company’s high-performance culture is communication. Exchanging information and ideas, and communicating these effectively, is central to all business goals. Rowan Beattie, Pyrotec’s MD, has always believed that organisations adopt the

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Intuitive case coding for unmatched value Web 2

Intuitive case coding for unmatched value

Pyrotec PackMark, May 2021: The Large Character ValveJet 4500 Drop on Demand (DOD) printer from Markem-Imaje (locally supplied by Pyrotec PackMark) can be run with the tip of your finger. The 4500’s highly responsive colour touch screen makes daily operations

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Save sales with Do-It Reinforcer Hang Tabs

Pyrotec, May 2021: Have you ever lost a sale because of torn headers or broken hang holes and consumers refusing to buy broken packaging? If you answered yes to this question, Pyrotec PackMedia offers the perfect solution. From our Do-It®

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