As a Level 3 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment company, Pyrotec’s business ethos is steeped in equality. It is for this reason that the 140+ strong team is as culturally diverse as it is skilled. The ever-growing team is headed up by an executive management board that excels in myriad arenas and whose passion for the business is manifested in a highly-satisfied customer base and motivated team with a low staff turnover.

Heading up the company’s management is Rowan Beattie, Managing Director.

Day-to-day operations of Pyrotec PackMedia are overseen by General Manager, Timothy Beattie, with the assistance of Jacques Loubser, National Sales Manager. Pyrotec PackMark is managed by Brandon Pearce, General Manager, with the assistance of Shaun Pillay, National Sales Manager.

Senior Management Team

Rowan Beattie

Managing Director

Brandon Pearce

General Manager - PackMark

Timothy Beattie

General Manager - PackMedia

Jacques Loubser

National Sales Manager - PackMedia

Shaun Pillay

National Sales Manager - PackMark

Flip Van Schalkwyk

Financial Manager

Lazelle Coetzee

Marketing Manager

Reggie Pfeiffer

Conversion Manager

Cheryl Petersen

Production Planning Manager

Ruth Diedericks

QA Manager

Megan Thompson

Human Resources Manager


As the company’s brands continue to grow, Rowan focuses on his leadership role and supporting his highly-experienced managers. With his team efficiently running Pyrotec’s day-to-day operations, Rowan immerses himself in the company’s Skills Development Fund that sponsors some 200 individuals (apprentices, interns and students studying degrees and diplomas) to continue their education and skills development. The majority are not employed at Pyrotec but our reward is seeing so many young people, connected to Pyrotec in different ways, growing their knowledge and experience and moving up the business ladder. We believe that life-long learning keeps us innovative, and that education is vital to placing Africa on a path of sustainable growth and development. It’s education that is central to accelerating empowerment, eradicating poverty and ensuring Africa’s full integration into the global economy.


Together, We Grow, Pyrotec’s mission, percolates through all operational areas of our business, and our watchwords – quality, operational efficiency, innovation and communication – resonate with our staff. 


From a technical point of view, each year Pyrotec PackMark’s technicians receive the opportunity to attend training abroad at Markem-Imaje and ALTech’s facilities in Europe, depending on the equipment and new technologies being released. This ensures their expertise remains up to date with the latest technological advances in our fields and equips them with the skills needed to provide input into the development of the department and add value to our business objectives. It also ensures service excellence, delivered by staff who feel empowered and have the skills and efficiency to assist customers to achieve their operational goals.

Besides the training our staff receive at our principals’ premises, they also benefit from meeting other distributors and sharing knowledge, best practice and experiences with their global counterparts.

We believe that staff training is vitally important for the growth of our business and to continue setting the industry benchmark in terms of service excellence, technological advancements, and delivering industry-leading equipment and products. We promote a feeling of value for our staff and encourage personal growth and recognition as their skills develop. We believe that empowered staff are better placed to look after our customers’ needs.


Innovative production focus, and constantly questioning the status quo by pushing the boundaries. 


Rowan believes that any organisation adopts the characteristics of its leader. He values above-board business dealings and steadfastly encourages employees to earn the respect of all stakeholders, and to treat each other with dignity. He also inspires high levels of integrity and asserts that moral principles govern actions. Trust is built on a confidence in each staff member’s reliance on their own qualities – truth, fairness, honour and ability.