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Do-It® Hang Tabs

While all five senses play a role in the purchasing process, sight remains the most important.

Products that are well-packaged and visible on the store shelves have a better chance of being purchased. A quick and easy way to ensure your products are visible to consumers in the eye-zone, is through vertical display using Do-It®’s range of Hang Tabs and Display Strips available through Pyrotec PackMedia.

Cater for the impulse buyer

70% of purchasing decisions are made in-store – exploit this by strategically placing your products near to check-out points. Pyrotec’s range of Do-It® Hang Tabs and Display Strips are a useful tool to attractively display your products at points of purchase.

Ensure products are placed in a good location – ‘eye-zone’ areas

Prime locations are the middle ‘eye-zone’ areas. Products displayed on the top or bottom shelves may only be seen by about 30% of shoppers. Do-It’s Display Strips ensure that your products are displayed at eye-level.

Consider the shopper’s time

Retail shoppers now spend significantly less time shopping today than ever before – 90 minutes in 1980 compared to 40 minutes in 2000. Your product has only a few seconds to be seen, noticed, understood, and purchased.

Face your customer

The largest dimension of your product/package needs to face the shopper. The face of the product is the billboard that advertises the product to consumers who pass by.

Ensure clarity of information

Considering that shoppers are spending less time in-store, is your product able to be quickly and easily understood? Long explanations on packaging will more often than not lead to the item being overlooked by potential customers.

Be colourful

Colour not only attracts attention, it can also inspire emotion in your customer. Cool colours like blue, green, and purple are viewed as calming, cool and clean. Warm colours such as red, orange and yellow can create energy and excitement, whilst neutral colours generate feelings of stability, innocence and authority.

Watch your language

Remember the power that words like “Sale”, “Discount”, “New” and “Special” can yield. Make them big and bold and display them where they will be seen!

Make use of on-pack promotions

On-product promotions are a great way to sway an undecided shopper. Coupons and “buy one, get one free” promotions are popular and effective methods of boosting sales. Pyrotec PackMedia supplies a wide range of on-pack devices that are ideal to communicate on-pack promotions.

Have signage

POP signage has shown to increase product sales by up to 33%. The top three uses of POP signs are to promote a brand name, communicate a special promotion, and educate consumers.

Do not forget the power of sight

Sight is the most important role in the purchasing process, so products that are well packaged and visible have a better chance of being purchased. A quick and easy way to ensure your products are visible is by using Do-It®’s range of Hang Tabs and Display Strips. 

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The Klip Strip

The ultimate Display and Visual Merchandising Strip

Place your products where they need to be, with the flexibility to move them at any time.

Klip Strip Display Merchandising Solution Labelled Markers

Never has it been more important to get your products noticed in today’s fiercely competitive retail spaces. 

For retailers, sight is the most important of consumers’ five senses in their purchasing process, which means well-packaged, visible products are most likely to sell.


Klip Strip – the latest display and visual merchandising solution from Pyrotec PackMedia – is an innovative way of ensuring happy customers and product sales. They also keep the environment happy because they’re made from recycled plastics, and retailers appreciate that they’re flexible and portable.

Benefits include

Accessories & Clips

Header Cards

Header Cards

Wide Clips

Wide Clips

Narrow Clips

Narrow Clips

Klip Strips

Klip Strips

How To Setup Your Klip Strip