Two birds, one stone


How do brand owners comply with the vast array of acts, regulations, guidelines and codes required on FMCG packaging and still achieve the shelf shout products need to stand out on cluttered retail shelves?

The role of packaging and Premium Label Solutions for FMCG products is significant. Packaging needs to protect the product and Premium Label Solutions needs to meet legal requirements. And together, packaging and Premium Label Solutions need to differentiate products on shelf while creating brand awareness and marketing products to attract consumers.

Designing Premium Label Solutions to accommodate regulated on-pack information requires a balancing act between text legibility and package size. Specifications relating to certain on-pack information must be in close proximity to other content, and the size of the text relating to warnings is also specified in some cases. This is all in addition to detailed ingredients lists and other specified criteria aimed at protecting consumers.

One way to overcome this problem is by using Fix-a-Form® booklet labels from Pyrotec PackMedia to convey this important information. The booklet label system can be adapted to suit any product or container, and solves a multitude of packaging challenges. While occupying only the space of a standard self-adhesive label, booklet labels provide almost unlimited space for legislated information, user instructions and product information. For brand owners, this offers a distinct advantage where space is at a premium.

An additional benefit of Fix-a-Form® booklet labels is that font sizes can be increased and contrasting colours can be utilised for better legibility – without having any impact on legal requirements, the packaging’s visual appeal, design elements, or the product’s branding. Fix-a-Form® booklet labels provide an opportunity to optimise compliance while building brand relationships by providing trusted communication that is of value to consumers.

Fix-a-Form® booklet labels also provide an opportunity to increase a pack’s visual appeal and cost savings, and simultaneously reduce waste. Because Fix-a-Form® booklet labels remain attached to a product throughout the value chain, they may also eliminate the need for secondary packaging that would have been needed to convey required product information.

The increased brand awareness through a product’s enhanced graphics and ability to communicate, educates, informs and appeals to discerning consumers. Fix-a-Form® booklet labels also provide opportunities for value adds, such as recipes, inserts, coupons, collectables (stickers and tattoos, for example) and cross-promotions, all of which add to a brand’s ability to communicate and attract shoppers.

Although marketers and brand owners now face far stricter laws pertaining to the marketing of their products, the application of a Fix-a-Form® booklet label ensures that compliance with the law can also be used to a brand’s advantage.