Pyrotec PackWorx

Pyrotec PackWorx is an engineering machine shop specializing in conveyor, feeding, and automated systems for packaging and manufacturing industries. 


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Bearing Adapters and Spacers

Adapter plates to house bearings.

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Machine Safety Covers

Includes Interlocks

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Labeller Mounting Brackets

Modified labeller adapter bracket to fit packaging machine to suit labeller.

Side Mount Stands

Made to save space when mounting machinery.

Environmental Cages

To protect machinery from harsh environments

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Turner Bars

Used for diverting and turning the substrate of material from vertical to horizontal and vice versa.

Flat Bed Die Racks

To store and organise the DIE cuts.

Automatic Friction Feeder

A seamless automated machine designed for accurate feeding and dispensing of flat products.


An accurate weight checking system.

Tape Sealer

Enhance your packaging process with our versatile Automatic Tape Sealer! Suitable for various corrugated cartons.


From precision machining to intricate conveyor system design, we deliver top-tier solutions tailored to your exact specifications.

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