Increase Product Engagement Via NFC Smart Labels

Engagement with your products through NFC Smart Labels provides numerous benefits. As technology evolves, smart labels have been specifically designed to allow your products to grab consumers’ attention, while still providing all the information they need in an aesthetic and compact way.

Consumers are glued to their devices and incorporating technology into your brand is invaluable.

Pyrotec PackMedia’s interactive NFC labels provide brand owners with a platform to tell their story, share manufacturing information, and offer other engaging content that consumers will want to pay attention to by being able to digitally program labels to showcase rich media content. 

By simply tapping the NFC label on a product with their NFC-enabled smartphone, consumers get access to additional information using video content or web pages.

Why use
NFC Smart Labels?

Furthermore, NFC Smart Labels are an influential promotional tool that brands can use to provide loyalty points, in-store discounts, and other incentives to build customer loyalty.

As a very comprehensive technology, Pyrotec PackMedia can now supply programmable NFC Smart Labels that can be applied to meet a range of promotional and security challenges while increasing engagement.

The smart packaging sector is growing with Pyrotec PackMedia at the forefront of innovation in Southern Africa.

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