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Next Level Tertiary Coding

Pyrotec PackMark, October 2020 – Next Level Tertiary Coding: Print and apply systems are ideal for identifying pallets in increasingly automated supply chain environments. The 2200 Pallet from Markem-Imaje, and locally available from Pyrotec PackMark, builds on a proven concept

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Product Identification Solutions That Boost Sales

Pyrotec, October 2020: Pyrotec is a forward-thinking, proudly South African company that specialises in industry-leading, on-pack product identification solutions and an extensive offering of coding machinery and labelling equipment. Pyrotec PackMark’s comprehensive range of product identification solutions includes labelling, coding,

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3 Benefits of Secondary Coding

        [Image: Show secondary coding on pack, displaying traceability, assurance and product promotion.] Pyrotec PackMark, September 2020: Secondary packaging protects products from being damaged by other products, usually during transportation. It is also used to sort and

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Staying Ahead of the Technology Curve

  Pyrotec, September 2020: Today’s fast-paced technological revolution can be a scary and formidable space for businesses. As technologies are rapidly replaced and improved, and we hear more about artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain – serious disruptive technologies that radically

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5 Benefits of Fix-a-Form informational booklet labels

Pyrotec PackMedia, September 2020: Fix-a-Form® informational booklet labels enable customers to multiply, by several times, the area used for communication on their packaging. They provide unlimited potential for cost savings, waste reduction, and increasing efficiencies and sales. Increased legislation and

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Secure Coding for the Beverage Industry

Pyrotec PackMark, August 2020: Markem-Imaje’s 9450 S, locally available from Pyrotec PackMark, is a continuous inkjet printer that is designed to meet the demanding constraints for traceability, versatility, and hygiene in the beverage sector. The 9450 S guarantees that each

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Best Labelling Options for Agrochemical Products

Pyrotec PackMedia, August 2020: Pyrotec PackMedia’s Informational Fix-a-Form® booklet labels are an ideal solution for the agrochemical sector. This is because they contain extensive information within the confines of the space of a normal label, and brand owners appreciate that

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anser u2 handheld

Zero-Maintenance Coding Solutions

Pyrotec PackMark, July 2020: Locally represented in South Africa by Pyrotec PackMark, Anser is a trusted manufacturer of product identification coding solutions and a global leader in thermal inkjet technology (TIJ). Integrating quality, efficiency, and cost-saving Ideal for case or

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