Save sales with Do-It Reinforcer Hang Tabs


Pyrotec, May 2021: Have you ever lost a sale because of torn headers or broken hang holes and consumers refusing to buy broken packaging? If you answered yes to this question, Pyrotec PackMedia offers the perfect solution.

From our Do-It® Hang Tab merchandising solutions, we offer Reinforcer Hang Tabs that  provide the perfect amount of support for less sturdy packaging that is susceptible to tearing or breaking.

The Reinforcer Hang Tab is a clear adhesive tab that can be used to repair broken packaging headers. Simply apply the reinforcer to the top of the hang hole area where the packaging is broken and you will be able to rehang your product.

In addition to repairing packaging, reinforcers can be applied before or after the blister card, folding carton, or packet has been filled so that your product can hang for extended periods without getting damaged.

The benefits of the Reinforcer Hang Tab include:

  • Eliminating torn header cards
  • Improving existing packaging durability
  • Reducing the loss of sales because of damaged or broken packaging
  • Allowing manufacturers to use lighter packaging materials to support heavier products
  • The clear tab won’t interfere with your package’s message

Bulky packaging is unnecessary when it comes to hanging your products in neat and orderly product displays. The less material you use to hang your packages, the less money you’re going to have to spend on hanging supplies. The right hang tab means that you will be able to easily cross-sell products, increase your brand awareness, increase revenue through more impulse buying, and reduce packaging costs and shelf space.

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