Packaging that keeps abreast of global trends
Packaging that keeps abreast of global trends Web 2


Pyrotec, April 2021: In its long-term forecast analysis – The Future of Packaging: Long-Term Forecasts to 2028 – Smithers Pira outlines four key trends that reveal how the packaging industry is set to evolve.

Let’s consider just one of Smithers Pira’s key trends from this report – e-commerce and international trade – which highlights how Pyrotec PackMedia helps to keep brand owners on track with global trends.

With the 21st Century consumer being less brand loyal, customised or versioned packaging and packaging solutions are now more widely seen. Digital printing provides a means to do this while aligning with the desire to integrate marketing. In this respect, packaging provides a gateway to link into digital marketing campaigns.

According to Smithers Pira, these two trends – e-commerce and international trade – are stimulating the demand for brand owners to incorporate components such as RFID labels and smart tags that protect against counterfeiting and better enabling supply chain monitoring.

NFC (near field communication) is a wireless technology that’s embedded into most smartphones. It has an array of applications, from mobile payments to NFC tags embedded into products, labels, and promotional material.

These smart little tags, available from Pyrotec PackMedia, can store varied information, including short lines of text, such as a web address or contact details, as well as links to social media and apps in the Google Play Store. Most importantly, they can be integrated into packaging without impacting a brand’s identity.

Because NFC tags contain unique identifiers by item, not just product type, their content can be targeted and dynamic.

What’s more, because of the tag’s unique ID, counterfeiting is prevented, customisation is possible, and authentication is enabled.

The NFC tags create a direct link for brand owners to engage with consumers by offering usage instructions, coupons, cross-selling initiatives, and loyalty programmes, as well as product authentication.

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