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Revolutionising Retail: Klip Strip and Other Display Merchandising Solutions from Pyrotec PackMedia  


Do you remember the last time you walked into a store and were drawn to a product displayed intriguingly? Chances are, that wasn’t a happy accident. Behind every successful product display in a retail store is an arsenal of effective merchandising solutions.

Pyrotec PackMedia, an industry leader in innovative packaging solutions, has honed the art and science of retail visual merchandising with its dynamic display merchandising solutions. Two products that consistently stand out are the Klip Strip and Do-It® Hang Tabs. Here’s how these solutions are shaping retail spaces and driving sales in various industries.

The Power of the Klip Strip  

The Klip Strip is more than just a display strip – it’s a game-changer in in-store merchandising solutions. Crafted to hold multiple products, the Klip Strip isn’t merely versatile; it brings an array of benefits to the retail landscape:

  • Brand Promotion: Klip Strips come with customized header cards, giving your brand promotion an edge right where it’s needed most.  
  • Eye-Catching Displays: Being highly visible, Klip Strips act as cross-merchandising displays, inviting customers to engage with your products.  
  • Impulse Purchases: Placed strategically, Klip Strips can capitalize on consumers’ impulse purchasing decisions, turning casual browsers into confirmed buyers.  
  • Launching New Products: Have a new product hitting the market? Klip Strips are perfect for drawing attention to fresh additions to your range.  
  • Eco-Friendly: Made from recycled plastics/materials, Klip Strips align with your environmental commitments without compromising display effectiveness.  
  • Quality Display: The rigid plastic construction ensures products are displayed well, maintaining their position and prominence.  
  • Increased Loading Capacity: Strong and durable, Klip Strips can handle an impressive load, allowing for the display of more products.  
  • Flexible Attachments: Need to hang heavier or multiple products on one hook? The additional clip-on attachments have you covered.  
  • Organizing Shelves: Klip Strips help keep shelves and displays tidy and appealing, making shopping a breeze for your customers.  
  • Pre-Loading Convenience: The option to pre-load strips before hanging them in a desired location adds an extra layer of efficiency to your merchandising process.

From flexibility to durability and sustainability, the Klip Strip turns every inch of your retail space into prime-selling real estate.  


Do-It® Hang Tabs: Small but Mighty  

Do-It® Hang Tabs may be small, but they deliver big on their promise of creating effective retail store merchandising displays. Thanks to their high-performance adhesives, these hang tabs securely hold your products in place, ensuring products are always displayed at their best.  


Transforming Industries with Visual Merchandising Solutions  

Retail display solutions such as the Klip Strip and Do-It® Hang Tabs deliver multifaceted benefits and offer unexpected advantages to various industries and sectors. 

For instance, these merchandising solutions can effectively highlight new flavours or special promotions in the food and beverage sector. In the beauty industry, they’re perfect for showcasing limited-edition items or travel-sized versions of best-sellers. Hardware stores can increase the visibility of tools and accessories that might otherwise go unnoticed.  

Effective merchandising is all about visibility. It’s about displaying your products in a way that catches your customer’s eye and compels them to make a purchase. You can do just that with Pyrotec PackMedia’s innovative display merchandising solutions.  


If you’ve been underestimating the power of merchandising, it’s time to think again. Make the most of your retail space, increase product visibility, and watch your sales soar with Pyrotec PackMedia’s Klip Strip and Do-It® Hang Tabs. Experience the difference today – call us at +27 (0) 21 787 9600.