Labels that weather the elements
PackMedia Blog May 2022


Pyrotec PackMedia April 2022: Labels used for outdoor products must be able to weather the elements. If products are used outside or stored in places where they’re exposed to the elements, such as extreme temperatures or sunlight, the product’s label needs to stand up to the conditions it’s exposed to. 

In the case of harmful products, such as agrochemicals, when their labels are affected by the elements they may become unreadable or even peel off the product. Without the warning information that was provided with the product, they present a danger to consumers, animals and the environment. 

The best storage conditions change from one product to another, but for those used outdoors, understanding how the elements affect the product’s packaging and label is an important consideration.

Here are some common labelling problems caused by exposure to the elements:

  • Faded or illegible labels: UV light/sunlight
  • Warped labels: Heat/extreme temperatures (hot and cold)
  • Wrinkling/smudged labels: Water and ice
  • Lost or labels that peel off: Water, ice, and extreme heat 
  • Illegible labels: Abrasives, such as sand, chemicals, or transportation

Pyrotec’s multipage labels are a perfect solution for products used in outdoor environments because they’re manufactured to include important attributes, such as moisture resistance, high durability and the ability to withstand harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, and a variety of storage conditions. These labels can also be custom made to include tear-resistant materials and specific adhesives and surface finishes. 

Without compromising the quality of the label, the multipage label is a cost-effective solution for providing extensive information within the space normally used by a standard label.