Why booklet labels are ideal for automotive products
PackMedia Multipage booklet labels for automotive sector Mar223


Pyrotec PackMedia March 2022: The automotive and autospares industry uses large quantities of consumables from oils and lubricants to hydraulic, cooling and screen-wash fluids, fuel additives, and numerous cleaning and detailing products.

Clear, detailed instructions

Because many of these products contain hazardous substances or chemicals, they need to be correctly applied and safely used. The information on product labels must be clear, easy to read, and should remain with the product for the duration of its life.

Without compromising the quality of the label, the Fix-a-Form® informational booklet label, locally available from Pyrotec PackMedia, is a cost-effective solution for providing extensive information within the space normally used by an adhesive label. It can contain up to 32 pages of additional product information, while materials ensure labels are flexible, easy to apply, and fit-for-purpose for the chosen product.

Fix-a-Form® informational booklet labels are permanently secured to the product’s packaging for its entire usable life. The means that the label can’t be lost or accidentally discarded, as can happen with a separate leaflet. Having clear, detailed, information – including text, charts and diagrams – attached directly to the container is the best way of protecting personnel and consumers.

These informational booklet labels can also include special characteristics such as moisture resistance, high durability and the ability to withstand harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures and a variety of storage conditions. These are important attributes given the tough environment the containers often withstand in the automotive sector.

Another added benefit is cost-cutting. Fix-a-Form® informational booklet labels can be designed to include extensive information in multiple languages while eliminating the need for separate labels for each language. They streamline production and simplify the management of inventories and distribution channels.

Special features

A wealth of custom features, such as printing on moisture and tear resistant materials, and the implementation of specific adhesives and surface finishes can be added to these labels. Instructions can also be printed in Braille, and unique identifiers such as Barcodes and QR codes can also be used. Tactile warning triangles can also be printed on labels for partially or sight impaired people to warn them that they’re handling a hazardous product.