How to use packaging to upsell products
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Pyrotec PackMedia, January 2019: How to use packaging to upsell products

To ‘upsell’ is a sales strategy that sellers use to offer consumers opportunities to purchase related products or services, often for the sole purpose of making a larger sale. You’ll probably recall being asked if you’d like fries when buying a burger in well-known fast food chains? This is upselling.


An on-pack promotion is a strategic and impactful way to make your products stand out at retail. It’s also a great avenue for supporting any other marketing campaigns you may be running on other media channels, such as online, social media, print, press or radio.

The term on-pack promotion generally grabs the attention of product marketers for good reason – it’s a highly-effective channel for getting products to stand out in noisy retail environments. Used in conjunction with a gift, for example, it provides the incentive to purchase, which leads to many related benefits including increased product profitability, customer retention, cost effectiveness and customisation, and a direct link to products at the point of purchase.

On-pack cross promotions are also an efficient and cost-effective way to launch products or inform consumers about new product variants. A Fix-a-Form® booklet label from Pyrotec PackMedia can include detailed information, in multiple languages, such as product benefits, background information, competitions or coupons. It can also be used to create brand associations. By linking two complimentary products, for example salad leaves and tomatoes, on-pack cross promotions have the power to increase sales – they drive consumers to purchase complementary products when they would otherwise have just bought one.


Just some of the benefits of advertising your promotion on-pack include an opportunity to:

  • Create a direct and unequivocal link between your promotional message and your product.
  • Educate consumers about other products or variants in your range.
  • Add value to the brand experience by including a more detailed brand story or recipes that use other products in your range.
  • Boost sales by encouraging in-store purchases where your target market is already shopping.


This engagement helps marketers to build a connection between the consumer and the brand, increasing the chances of upselling or repeat sales the next time a purchasing decision is being made.


Visit Pyrotec PackMedia today to find out how Fix-a-Form® booklet labels can help you to upsell your products.