Innovating to enhance brand attractiveness
enhance brand attractiveness


Pyrotec PackMark, February 2019: Innovating to enhance brand attractiveness

The pinnacle of successful marketing is to attract loyal customers who consistently purchase products from their favourite brands. For brand owners to achieve this highly-coveted position in today’s competitive retail environment, they need to continuously engage with consumers to identify their needs and expectations, and then meaningfully respond to their emotional values.

Innovative use of packaging coding and marking can be a key asset for building unwavering consumer loyalty for brands. Here are some examples:


Edible branding – share messages directly on food products

With the right printing capabilities, food surfaces can be an opportunity for you to strengthen your brand. Markem-Imaje, locally represented by Pyrotec PackMark, delivers food-grade inks that enable you to be creative with food products without harming your customers or their appetites.


Personalised Premium Label Solutions– for 1:1 package messaging

Thanks to digital technology, it’s possible to tailor packaging messages that directly relate to consumers and foster loyalty. Pyrotec PackMark helps you to create targeted late-stage messaging (including localised language) that strengthens customer relationships.


Just-in-time printing – what you want, when you want it

Sometimes you need to print entire labels in multiple colours in limited quantities. Pyrotec PackMark provides digital technology for short-run production, enabling you to print labels on-demand in four colours for whatever marketing challenges you face.


Social selling – for online dialogue with customers

Looking to build stronger connections with consumers online? Pyrotec PackMark can help you to stay in touch with consumers using QR and promotional codes, keeping the conversation moving after they have purchased your product.


Customisation – adding variety to your packaging

Product varieties can change even when the container stays the same. Pyrotec PackMark can help you to reduce your packaging changeovers by using laser technology to print varieties or flavours, for example, onto products without affecting your on-pack branding. This also helps to simplify packaging inventory.


Late stage creativity – continuing your story at the end of the line

Markem-Imaje hotmelt inkjet technology, available from Pyrotec PackMark, can extend the visual creativity and seasonal messaging of your product’s packaging onto corrugate cases and shrink wrap for a strong, cohesive total display that will strengthen your brand message.


For more information about using coding to enhance brand attractiveness, contact Pyrotec PackMark today.