Safeguards for agrochemicals and stock remedies
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Pyrotec PackMedia, October 2019:
To prevent the risk of agrochemicals and stock remedies from poisoning livestock, people, and destroying crops, the Department of Agriculture offers this advice about safety, product separation and quality assurance:


  • Keep agrochemicals locked away from children and untrained workers or those who cannot read.
  • Safely lock chemicals in a separate store so that cross-contamination of food, feed, seed and fertiliser by spillage or vapours from volatile chemicals will not occur. In the case of fire or floods, these materials will be confined to one area.

Product separation

  • Separate herbicides from other agrochemicals.
  • Very toxic and toxic products should be grouped together.
  • Flammable products should be interspersed with non-flammable products of their own group.

Quality assurance

  • Chemicals stored under dry, cool conditions will not deteriorate as rapidly as those exposed to extreme temperatures and moisture.
  • A well-organised store will prevent the wrong remedy being accidentally chosen.



Agrochemical labels are governed by stringent legal requirements for product Premium Label Solutions. Because of their hazardous chemical compositions, this information ensures the product’s safe handling, storage and usage.

Without compromising the quality of the label, the Fix-a-Form® Informational Booklet Label, supplied by Pyrotec PackMedia, is a cost-effective solution for providing extensive information within the space normally used by an adhesive label.

Fix-a-Form® Informational Booklet Labels are permanently secured to the product’s packaging for its entire usable life. This means that the label can’t be lost or accidentally discarded, as can happen with a separate leaflet. Having clear, detailed, information – including text, charts and diagrams – attached directly onto the container is the best way of protecting personnel and consumers.

These informational booklet labels can also include special characteristics such as moisture resistance, high durability and the ability to withstand harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures and a variety of storage conditions. These are important attributes given the tough environment the containers often withstand in the agricultural industry.

Another added benefit is cost cutting. These Fix-a-Form® Informational Booklet Labels can be designed to include extensive information in multiple languages while eliminating the need for separate labels for each language. They streamline production and simplify the management of inventories and distribution channels.


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