Use your product’s label to promote your brand
PackMedia Blog Sept 2


Pyrotec PackMedia, September 2019:
The more you engage with consumers the more likely they are to remain loyal to your brand. Fix-a-Form® Booklet Labels communicate more information to consumers about products across your range, they support marketing and promotional initiatives and provide space to tell a story that communicates the values of your brand. Another powerful way to build your brand and demonstrate to customers that you care is to utilise this extra Premium Label Solutions space to ask for feedback, crowdsourcing, social media campaigns or comments.

This engagement helps to build a connection between the consumer and the brand, increasing the chance of repeat sales next time a purchasing decision is made.


How can I use on-pack devices for eye-catching promotions?

  • Communicate holistic, personalised wellness messages and tips
  • Offer experiences that push consumers to explore their appetites for adventure
  • Direct consumers to social media where they can inspire peers
  • Offer information about recyclability of product packaging and better waste management systems
  • Share stories that tap into consumers’ values
  • Create connections and spaces to build communities and cultivate customer loyalty
  • Offer opportunities that make life more memorable
  • Provide resources that help consumers jump hurdles and make responsibilities feel more manageable and even fun

While above-the-line marketing can raise awareness about promotions and drive people to the store, packaging is often one of the final opportunities to convert awareness into sales. Adding an on-pack device, such as Pyrotec PackMedia’s Fix-a-Form® Promotional Booklet Labels, considerably enhances a product’s ability to grab shoppers’ attention.


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