Maximising production throughput
Maximising production throughput


Pyrotec PackMark, November 2019: Maximising production

Last year, Markem-Imaje, locally represented by Pyrotec PackMark, launched the world’s first print and apply Premium Label Solutions system capable of attaching printed barcodes to adjacent sides of a case without major disruption to existing production lines.

Now a popular choice, particularly in the beverages sector, the 2200 Flex SE system features an electrically-driven arm that puts labels onto the front and/or side of a case without having to turn the pack. At high speed, labels can be applied at the rate of up to 90/min on the front and 140 on the side, and with as little as 250mm between items. A pivoting, soft application pad ensures labels can be put onto flat or uneven surfaces including cardboard, trays and shrink-wrap. Operable with less than five minutes of training, its long label lengths decrease line stoppages while the auto-change option eliminates downtime.


Traditionally, applying labels to more than one side of a case at high speed requires rotating cases and a gap of more than 400mm between each case. Moving the cases requires costly pack-turning devices, product separators, line speed reductions, and/or lengthening of existing lines.

Now, manufacturers using shrink-wrapped items such as beverage six-packs, see the benefits of using the 2200 Flex SE. Often items come out of the packaging machinery with the wide edge leading and the short edge to the side. This edge has what is known as a ‘bullseye’ – an area not sufficiently covered by the wrap. If you apply a label to the side as it comes down the line, you risk putting the label through the bullseye and onto the inner product – something manufacturers need to avoid. With the 2200 Flex SE, this is no longer an issue as the system puts the label on the front of the pack with no need to turn the tray. This helps production maximise throughput.


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