Markem-Imaje’s 9450 CIJ – Coding to Protect, Promote and Secure Your Brand
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Pyrotec PackMark, May 2020: Markem-Imaje’s 9450 CIJ printer is locally available from Pyrotec PackMark. It’s the market’s dominant CIJ coder, printing 20% faster than comparable brands (35% faster than some), and ideal for embedding a Mark & Read system, as standard, to check code accuracy.

Proven robustness and mistake-proof operation

The 9450 CIJ printer offers:

• Maximised production performance
• A 20% reduction (compared to other brands in the same category) in consumable use and energy consumption (no need for plant air)
• Optimised waste-related expenses
• Hygienic design for efficient washdown (IP56 standard, IP66 optional)
• An automatic cleaning system that ensures jet stability for a perfect restart
• Quickstart and the ability to run for three shifts, non-stop
• A smart consumable system with no set-up required – consumable management is automatic, clean, and fully secure

Coding to carry out marketing objectives

The 9450 offers a wide variety of code and consumable options to give you the traceability you need and to support your marketing-related initiatives.

Promotional coding and serialization functions support your marketing initiatives and help you easily implement them from the start. Coding options include barcodes, multi-line, logos, language-specific characters (Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, etc), all at the resolution and size you need.

Achieving traceability and sustainability goals

With its large choice of high adhesion, high contrast or colored inks to ensure your product is coded right, 9450’s contrast is guaranteed, and code does not rub off. The printer also uses a range of environmentally friendly ink solutions to support your sustainability policy and anti-counterfeiting solutions.

Enhancing the user experience to prevent recalls

The 9450 has a 7-inch touch screen as standard. The user interface menus provide access to maintenance and production history, including availability rate, additive consumption as well as real-time warnings. For enhanced control, operator access and password management can be configured to your needs, while code integrity is automatically checked via an embedded Mark & Read vision system.

Supporting overall equipment efficiency improvement

Don’t let your printer slow you down or lead to compromised quality or traceability errors. Markem-Imaje’s Mark & Read system ensures every code is checked, every time, and that your product is safely identified.

The 9450 is easily integrated and managed centrally through Markem-Imaje’s CoLOS® software package. Automatic monitoring and central management make coding activities transparent and help you optimise your overall equipment efficiency.

Getting the code you want

To protect your brand – solutions include environmentally-friendly inks, thermochromic inks, and numerous advanced logo options.

To promote your brand and support your campaigns – solutions include embedded promotional coding and serialisation functions.

To ensure safety and traceability – solutions include anti-counterfeiting inks and permanent inks with high levels of contrast and adhesion available for numerous substrates.

If improving the efficiency of your production process is one of your priorities, the 9450 CIJ printer from Markem-Imaje is engineered for you. Designed to be fully available, the 9450 keeps up with your line speed and secures each of your products with the right code.

To find out how to improve production efficiency, visit Pyrotec PackMark today.