Pyrotec’s Top 10 Entrepreneurial Attributes
Pyrotec Blog Top 7 Entrepreneurial Atrributes


Pyrotec, July 2020: Specialising in providing innovative, top-quality product identification solutions, Pyrotec is a privately-owned South African company with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Pyrotec’s core values and entrepreneurial attributes percolate through every aspect of the company’s activities, creating a strong culture that’s reflected in exceptional staff retention, key partnerships dating back many years, and ongoing innovation that drives the company’s ongoing success. The top ten attributes of Pyrotec are:


  1. Discipline

Discipline is essential for achieving goals and objectives. It is also important when it comes to managing resources – whether people, time or money. Strong discipline will help with decision making, managing risk, and following through on action points. It also keeps entrepreneurs accountable and responsible.


  1. Perception

A broad outlook is key to good decision making and helps entrepreneurs recognise that every event and situation is a business opportunity. Strong perceptions can shape thoughts and activities towards achieving goals.


  1. Confidence

There’s always an element of risk for entrepreneurs. Self-belief and confidence are essential when sailing in uncharted waters, as well as for overcoming frustration, resentment, and uncertainty. Confidence is also needed when tough decisions must be made.


  1. Networking

Sometimes who you know is just as important as what you know. A collaborative approach in business can make a big difference to long-term success. The ability to connect with key people and forge lasting relationships will carry your business a long way.


  1. Specialised knowledge

A deep understanding of your products, services, and the markets in which you operate is key. The more knowledge you have about your industry, the better placed you are to understand trends, recognise opportunities, and steer clear of pitfalls. A sound understanding of your sector gives you maneuverability and the ability to identify opportunities for innovation.


  1. Creativity

Being able to make connections between events or situations that may seem unrelated is a cornerstone of creativity. To innovate, you need to think creatively, considering how something is made or done with a different perspective. This is where usefulness and a unique idea merge. New ideas, achieved through exploration, are often what creates a competitive advantage.


  1. Determination

Overcoming challenges in business is a given and therefore, determination and persistence are critical for advancing projects and achieving desired goals. Dogged tenacity and unflinching perseverance are key when it comes to jumping hurdles, solving problems, and completing the job.


  1. Passion

Passion is the fuel that drives the entrepreneurial spirit and it is the glue that holds entrepreneurial businesses together. It helps to overcome and surpass challenges and provides the strength to continue pursuing goals when you face difficulties.


  1. Strong work ethic

A good work ethic is inextricably linked to building a strong reputation and being highly productive. People with strong work ethics are punctual, decisive and proactive, and take responsibility for their actions and words.


  1. Great people skills

Interacting with all your company’s stakeholders is vital and good people skills are almost as important as your technical abilities. Aspiring to lead people and work with a team should be a primary focus for your leaders and personnel. To inspire, motivate, and retain your team, the ability to empathise, communicate, listen, trust, and be aware of shifting dynamics is key to your success.

Rowan Beattie, Pyrotec’s MD is reading That Will NEVER Work by Marc Randolph. In this story about Netflix, one of Rowan’s golden nuggets is: ‘People want to be trained like adults. They have a mission they believe in, a problem to solve, and space to solve it. They want to be surrounded by other adults whose abilities they respect. What they really want is freedom and responsibility. They want to be loosely coupled but tightly aligned’. This quote really resonates with Rowan because it sums up how Pyrotec’s attributes align with the company’s vision: Together, We Grow.

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