How to increase packaging line production gains
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Pyrotec PackMark, January 2020: Increase packaging

Markem-Imaje, locally represented by Pyrotec PackMark, has launched an application that gives manufacturers easier access to real-time and historical packaging line data that targets key availability, performance and quality losses, as well as bottlenecks for the whole packaging line. CoLOS® OEE offers gains of 10 to 15% on critical lines and empowers companies to take the right corrective action quickly while continuously monitoring line efficiency KPIs (key performance indicators) and implementing improvements.

Tackling high downtime, low performance and poor quality is a priority for all manufacturers. One way to increase efficiency is to measure and improve OEE (overall equipment effectiveness), a standard method measuring manufacturing productivity composed of three KPIs: availability, performance and quality. Unfortunately, most existing OEE solutions are expensive and time-consuming to implement and require custom programming or the expertise to undertake complicated configuration. By contrast, CoLOS® OEE is an off-the-shelf application that’s easy to set up and 100% configurable. It provides the insights needed to improve efficiency within days of purchase. The tool is also scalable – suitable for a multi-step approach from one line to full-site deployment.


Key challenge measuring and improving OEE

Typical OEE rates before continuous improvement programme implementation are 50 to 60%. While best-in-class plants achieve 85% OEE rates, many may struggle to improve their figures without easy, timely and comprehensive access to the information they need to calculate, let alone track, it effectively.


A quicker, easier way to calculate OEE and optimise line efficiency

Because CoLOS® OEE is part of the market-leading CoLOS® information management system, the application collects data from existing Markem-Imaje coders or any OPC-enabled packaging line devices at two points along the line with no need for extra hardware or communications.

By analysing the data collected at these points, CoLOS® automatically calculates the OEE KPIs that are defined as the following ratios:

  • Availability: real versus planned production time
  • Performance: real versus theoretical maximum line rate
  • Quality: good versus total products produced

These KPIs are displayed on real-time dashboards, helping operators ensure their lines produce the maximum number of high-quality products while considering planned downtime and stops.

If a line stops unexpectedly the counters will pause. This is reflected on the dashboards, alerting operators who can fix the issue immediately. Once the problem has been identified and rectified, the operator can select the relevant reason on the user interface to facilitate further analysis. Alternatively, if the feature is enabled, CoLOS® OEE receives the error code data automatically from the relevant packaging line devices.


Providing the insights needed to identify the root causes of inefficiency

CoLOS® OEE provides a variety of historical reports that give managers the facts they need to enhance productivity permanently by prioritising and eliminating the top reasons for downtime, performance and quality losses. Quickly and continuously they can identify trends and fix the root cause of issues to achieve greater efficiency gains of up to 10 to 15%.

Used with Markem-Imaje’s other Packaging Intelligence solutions, efficiency can be improved even further.


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