The business benefits of booklet labels


Many businesses in South Africa are not making optimal use of their packaging and Premium Label Solutions space. Not only is your product Premium Label Solutions a valuable brand platform that comes into direct contact with customers in the retail environment, but it is also a space – in certain industries – that needs to accommodate a large amount of mandatory text such as dosage instructions and contra-indications.

To ensure that you make the most of this valuable communication platform, as well as meet regulatory demands, you may need to rethink your Premium Label Solutions strategy. Instead of a standard label, have you ever considered a booklet label?

What is a booklet label?  

Known in the packaging industry by many different names, including extended text labels, expanded content labels, multi-panel labels, concertina labels, fold-out labels or pull-out labels– a booklet label is a multi-page leaflet or booklet that is combined with a printed self-adhesive label.

This innovative on-pack communication device sits in the place of a standard label, yet enables manufacturers and brand owners to multiply the area used for communication on-pack several times over, in a clear and legible way.

At Pyrotec PackMedia, we have an exceptional range of Fix-a-Form® Booklet Labels available. These can be constructed in a variety of ways to suit your business needs, whether you prefer a concertina-style design or a book that your customers can page through. All Fix-a-Form® Booklet Labels are professionally and neatly constructed to maintain your professional brand image.

What are the business benefits?

Fix-a-Form® Booklet Labels are suitable for use in a wide range of user-applications and offer the following advantages:

  • Include more detailed information and images on-pack, even on smaller packaging sizes – without impacting your original packaging footprint.
  • Ensure compliance with the relevant legislation by being able to include extensive instructions, application and dosage information, warnings and contra-indications, product information and more on your label, in multiple languages if necessary.
  • The quality built into Fix-a-Forms® ensures that all the information on your label is legible and easy to read, in a wide range of environmental conditions.
  • This device remains securely attached to your product to ensure important information reaches the end-user completely intact.
  • Add space to your packaging for your promotional messages, including competitions, information on new products in the range, tips and recipes, and more.
  • It is also easy to apply using standard Premium Label Solutions machinery, without interrupting production lines.

Choose an experienced booklet label provider

At Pyrotec PackMedia, we have been the exclusive Fix-a-Form® Licensee in South Africa and all of Africa south of the equator since 1981. For more information on developing the perfect Premium Label Solutions for your business, contact us today.