Cross merchandising 1


Cross-merchandising is the retail practice of marketing or displaying complementary products together, with the aim of generating additional revenue.

For retailers and brand owners, cross-merchandising plays an important role in increasing sales and ultimately increasing revenue. Here’s why:

Nowadays most people are very busy and will appreciate any effort to help cut down on their shopping time. Placing complementary products together in one aisle in a retail store will aid in decreasing the time spent by a customer in-store. For example, a consumer goes into a store to buy some ingredients to make a pasta dish; by placing pasta sauce in the same aisle as the dry pasta, the consumer does not need to go to another aisle to find the sauce.

Sales can be increased by placing complementary products together and promoting the purchase of both. A customer might go into a store to purchase wine as a gift for a friend. By placing suitably sized gift bags in the wine aisle, the customer may be motivated to purchase the gift bag as well.

Simply taking a little bit of time to figure out what items in your store can be purchased together, and then creating a display to group these products together in-store, will play a significant role in promoting products as well as increasing sales.

Pyrotec PackMedia offers Do-It® Display Strips and Hang Tabs that will allow retailers and brand owners to design displays that will enhance cross-merchandising opportunities.

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