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Uncluttered Labelling for
Household Cleaning Products


Household cleaning products – whether laundry detergents, surface cleaners, dishwashing products, or toilet cleaners – are packed into easily recognisable bottles, sachets, and other formats. However, with the ongoing trend of seeing consumers veering toward more natural household cleaning products, how do brand owners convey their green credentials and sustainability messaging to shoppers?

As consumers continue moving towards natural or ‘green’ household cleaners that don’t contain hazardous chemicals, ingredient transparency becomes ever more important on product labels. And, according to the EY FUTURE CONSUMER INDEX, almost three-quarters (73%) of global consumers believe brands are responsible for making a positive change in the world. With this being the case, brand owners will want to tell these savvy shoppers how their products meet these aspirations.

Roll of Product Labels

Getting your message across

A label is what carries brand and product information to consumers. It helps consumers make purchasing decisions, improves their experience of the brand and the product, and it ensures they remain safe when using the product. But what if a label could do a lot more?

Multipage Booklet Labels from Pyrotec PackMedia offer many benefits that maximise on-pack communication.

More space

Product labelling offers limited space, which is a problem when there’s a lot of information to convey. In addition to ingredients, usage instructions, and safety advice, sharing information about the environmental benefits of a product, how sustainably ingredients are sourced, and how waste is managed is important to shoppers. To make the most of the space available, Multipage Booklet Labels are the answer. They not only occupy the same footprint as a standard label but also provide multiple pages of additional space to educate, inform or engage consumers.

Reduced costs

To reduce packaging costs, Multipage Booklet Labels eliminate the need for an outer carton and leaflet with a product, making them an economical and practical alternative to current packaging formats.

Not only will packaging material costs be saved but warehousing, logistics, freight, and inventory will also see cost reductions. A good example of this is the ability to display multiple languages on one label, eliminating the need for a label for each language.

Cosmetic Labels for Natural Vitamins

Enhance safety

For household cleaning products that can cause a health and safety risk, Multipage Booklet Labels attach directly to the product. This provides a far greater chance of the information staying with a product throughout its usable life than a loose instructions booklet or leaflet, which are easily discarded. This means the end user can refer to the instructions whenever they use the product.

Applying to almost any surface, Multipage Booklet Labels are an innovative and space-efficient way to communicate detailed product or environmental information without compromising shelf appeal. They are available in a virtually unlimited range of shapes and sizes and can be tailored to meet customers’ needs.

Did you know?

Multipage Booklet Labels are ideal for products that need to endure harsh storage conditions. Some common labelling problems caused by exposure to the elements:

  • Faded or illegible labels: UV light/sunlight
  • Warped labels: Heat/extreme temperatures (hot and cold)
  • Wrinkling/smudged labels: Water and ice
  • Lost or labels that peel off: Water, ice, and extreme heat
  • Illegible labels: Abrasives, such as sand, chemicals, or transportation

Pyrotec’s Multipage Booklet Labels are an ideal solution for products used in outdoor environments because they’re manufactured to include important attributes, such as moisture resistance, high durability, and the ability to withstand harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, and a variety of storage conditions. These labels can also be custom-made to include tear-resistant materials and specific adhesives and surface finishes.

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