Case Study: The ultimate sample delivery tool


Grant’s Sherry Cask Finish is a new product variant in the Grant’s Whisky range. In order to create awareness around this new offering and drive trial, Edward Snell & Company partnered with Pyrotec PackMedia to create a unique on-pack sample delivery tool.

Using a highly durable ElastiTote® sample delivery device, we attached a 50ml sample of Grant’s Sherry Cask Finish to the existing 750ml Grant’s Family Reserve pack.

One major challenge was ensuring that the ElastiTote® kept the miniature in place while withstanding the weight of the 50ml glass product. We used a heavy duty elastomer loop and applied each device by hand to over 36 000 primary packs to ensure a snug and secure fit.

The beauty of ElastiTote® is that it is a high quality, good looking device that can be custom manufactured to suit each client’s specific needs and objectives.  It is also incredibly durable so clients have peace of mind that their samples will stay attached at every point of the supply chain.

In addition to carrying the 50ml miniature, the ElastiTote® was used to deliver nose and taste flavour notes – as well as a cocktail recipe to showcase mixability.

Edward Snell & Company are extremely satisfied with the outcome. Simone Burns, the Assistant Brand Manager says, “The ElastiTote® was an excellent solution to drive trial of a newly launched variant by firmly attaching a 50ml miniature onto a Grant’s Family Reserve 750ml pack, while communicating key messaging and tasting notes.”

If you want to use ElastiTote® for your product or brand, contact Pyrotec PackMedia today. We can work with you to customise the style, shape and design of your device in order to meet your specific sample delivery need.