54 Flavours of Mainstay
Mainstay cropped


Mainstay appointed Pyrotec PackMedia to bring to life their new premium vodka product range that pays tribute to the 1954 heritage of Mainstay. Mainstay wanted a convenient way to get their new product range mixability across to its consumers. This resulted in an exclusive Mainstay booklet detailing some cocktail recipes that include the various products within the Mainstay vodka range: Mainstay 54, Island Fusion, Tropical Fusion, and Exotic Fusion.

According to Clare Jacobs, (Brand Manager for Mainstay), the objective was to showcase the mixability of the new product range. Having explored the opportunity of using booklets at the tills of liquor stores, they were not guaranteed that their consumers would receive the information.

Clare then turned to Pyrotec, making use of the ElastiTab®. It was the simplest and most effective way of communicating the mixability of the Vodka to consumers. A booklet of cocktail recipes was attached to the ElastiTab® and manually applied to 27,000 Vodka bottles.

“The ElastiTab® and booklet was the perfect tool to use with its premium look and feel which aligned perfectly with the Mainstay brand,” said Clare.

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