Manufacturing Intelligence
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In today’s competitive manufacturing environment where time to market is crucial, brand owners and manufacturers need data that provides valuable insights that drive business results. With speed, quality and supply chain security top of mind, a software system that brings all manufacturing-related data together from multiple sources is more important than ever.

A true Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) system shouldn’t be confused with a Business Intelligence (BI) application, which is designed for corporate use rather than specific factory floor operational needs.

The primary functions of MI are to:

  • Collect – bring data together from many sources
  • Order – structure gathered data for ease of use
  • Analyse – analyse data across production sites for reporting purposes
  • Visualise – create visual data summaries for decision making
  • Disseminate – automate data transfer from the plant to the board room and vice versa.

To achieve this, PackLink from Pyrotec is customised software that provides a fully-integrated coding and Premium Label Solutions tracking system. Pyrotec PackLink assists customers to increase line visibility while improving efficiency by tracking waste, labour and resources; and limiting downtime by enabling critical decisions to be made on the fly. In short, Pyrotec PackLink helps customers to achieve overall equipment efficiency.

Manufacturers achieve overall equipment efficiency by constantly monitoring their lines and immediately implementing corrections when required. ‘Our fully-customised software does this for our customers,’ explains Shaun Pillay, Pyrotec PackMark’s National Sales Manager. Designed specifically for individual manufacturer’s needs, Pyrotec PackLink offers touch screens (HMI) for easy job selection and monitoring. It also features integrated barcode scanners and/or cameras to limit human intervention and increase efficiency.

‘For customers interested in this software, a feasibility study is undertaken to determine requirements. Customers’ existing equipment can be integrated through the software, and recommendations for more efficient, cost-effective equipment from Markem-Imaje may be advised,’ Shaun adds.

As an example of what’s possible, Pyrotec PackLink software integrates into an ERP/MES system that networks printers, print and apply and desktop printers, camera systems, barcode readers, scanners, and touch screens to provide full line visibility for production and line managers.

Because the Pyrotec PackLink software is customised and developed inhouse by Pyrotec, customers can build onto the system as and when budgets allow, or business requirements dictate. ‘We can begin with a simple integration/tracking system and expand on this as required,’ Pillay points out.

To integrate your hardware and turn manufacturing data into knowledge, contact Pyrotec PackMark today.