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Our range of Thermal and Continuous Inkjet coders, Transfer Overprinters, Handheld coders and Lasers are designed to print on various substrate materials to improve the efficiency of most production lines.

Small Character Inkjet 9450 E

Dedicated to the PIPE, CABLE, TUBE, and PROFILE industries, the 9450 E combines a premium ink circuit with a new generation printhead design that will ensure the quality of your codes even on dark substrates with an optimised TCO. Main Benefits:

  • Up to 3,000 km of cable printing without printhead cleaning.
  • 20% faster – Up to 1,000m/min for wire harnessing and optical fibre application.
  • Precise, even on the smallest wires.
  • Reduced TCO 20% ink savings without compromising on contrast.
  • The smart consumable system, no set-up required.
  • Precise when using the embedded metering function: 2mm tolerance.
  • Additive consumption reduced to 3 ML/H at 20¡c.
  • The mistake-proof user interfaces even when entering long messages.
  • High-performance ink offer dedicated to extruded products providing contrasted durable print, even on difficult substrates like PE and in rough environmental conditions.
  • Multiple colours: Black, white, orange, blue, green, red, and yellow.


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Small Character Inkjet 9450 E


Print Features

  • Mono-jet printhead.
  • G head (printing resolution: 71dpi) or M head (printing resolution: 115dpi).
  • Up to 5 lines of print.
  • Print speed: up to 1,000m/min.
  • Font height: from 5 to 32 dots.
  • Character height: from 1 to 11mm.
  • Wide choice of 1D and 2D barcodes: EAN8/EAN13/GS1-128/UPCA/UPCE barcodes, code 39, code 128, Interleaved 2 of 5, Datamatrix, QR code.
  • Wide choice of characters (Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Korean etc.)


  • Printhead pressurisation kit.
  • 9450 Ec for pigmented ink use.
  • Ultra-flexible 6 meters umbilical cable.
  • IP66 protection (requires plant air.)
  • Enhanced autonomy kit.
  • RS-232/422 connectivity, parallel interface, many I/O possibilities to enable remote operation.

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