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Our range of Thermal and Continuous Inkjet coders, Transfer Overprinters, Handheld coders and Lasers are designed to print on various substrate materials to improve the efficiency of most production lines.

Markem Imaje Small Character Inkjet 9330

Starting or growing a business is a crucial moment in the life of a company. Changes in production type, rate, and even packaging can make things logistically challenging. The 9330 supports you from your very first line and adapts as production scales up. A trustworthy partner as your needs change, it provides the best, most reliable marking solution at a competitive price.


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Main Benefits:

Easy to Install

  • Put it anywhere you need, thanks to its robust IP55 fully stainless steel design.

Easy to Startup

  • An automatic printhead cleaning system makes start-ups simple and quick. Just plug it in and start printing, even after weeks of storage.

Easy to Use

  • A smart consumable system requires no set-up and prevents costly cartridge-related operator mistakes.

Easy to Maintain


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Markem Imaje Small Character Inkjet 9330


Print Features

• Mono-jet printhead
• G head (printing resolution: 71 dpi)
• Up to 4 lines of print
• Print speed: up to 4.4 m/s
• Maximum speed (7 dot high characters):
– 0.60 m/s (0.36 mm drop pitch for 4 lines)
– 1.01 m/s (0.36 mm drop pitch for 3 lines)
• Font height from 5 to 24 dots
• Character height: from 1.8 to 8.6 mm
• Wide choice of characters (Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Korean…)


• Message library (up to 1000 messages)
• International operator/machine interface (choice of 31 languages)
• Color touch screen
• Maximum number of characters per second: 2083
• On-screen output: on/off, consumable level indication,
current print counter
• On-screen help and maintenance information
• Programmable shut down
• 2 sealed intelligent cartridges, 0.75 liters each
• Quick connect/disconnect of accessories (photocell, encoder, alarm, I/O)
• Connectivity: Ethernet / RS-232

Other Characteristics

• Weight: 18.5 kg
• 3-meter flexible umbilical cable
• Stainless steel cabinet
• Dust/humidity protection rating: IP55
• No plant air required
• Operating temperature range: 5° to 40° C, depending on the ink used
• Humidity: 0% to 90% non-condensing
• Electrical power supply: 100 – 120 V or 200 – 240 V with automatic switching; frequency 50/60 Hz; power 34 W


• Printer supports: stands (stainless steel or aluminum), table or wall mounting bracket
• Photocell
• Encoder
• Alarm beacon (24 V)


• Printhead pressurization kit (plant air required)
• Autonomous pressurization kit (no plant air required)

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