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Unleash precision and reliability with our cutting-edge checkweigher, meticulously engineered by Pyrotec. Embrace a seamless production process with an accurate weight checking system.

Key Features:

  • Precision & reliability.
  • Stainless steel load cells, 90KG capacity, IP68 washdown rating.
  • Total error of 0.02%, 4 digital inputs, 4 relay outputs, ECI controller.
  • Communication protocols: RS232, Modus, EtherlP,Profibus, Profinet.
  • Inline check weighing in static or continuous modes.
  • Integrateable into existing lines.
  • Customizable for your unique needs.


  • Standard 6.7inch controller.
  • 10 Inch Touch Screen HMI, PLC controlled with Pyrotec PackLink software.
  • 15 Inch Touch Screen HMI (PC), PLC controlled drive with Pyrotec PackLink Software.


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