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Secondary Coders & Labellers

With the use of secondary coders and labellers, you’ll be able to code on secondary packaging to maximise production uptime.

Anser A1 Printer

The Anser A1 is designed to minimise the total cost of ownership while maximising production efficiency and uptime.

Eco-Friendly Direct Coding
Reduce label usage and preprinted box waste to support environmental sustainability.

Easy Setup & Maintenance

Effortless printer setup with zero operating maintenance requirement to reduce unnecessary expenses.

Low Cost of Ownership

Advanced software features to achieve the best cost-per-print, making ANSER A1 a true cost-effective coding solution.

Smart Setup Assistant

Simple 3-step setup guidance, allowing you to get your printer up and running in 3-min or less

ANSER QuickSwitch

Optimize your production change process to reduce downtime costs. Anser QuickSwitch gets the job done in 1-Quick-Swipe

Multi-DPI Setting

Reduce your cost-per-print on a select object while maintaining barcode clarity to ensure reliable code readability.


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Anser A1 Printer


Remote & Centralized Control

  • Real-time centralized control & multi-production line monitoring.
  • Support off-site remote service and technical troubleshooting.

Intelligent Automation

  • Print data from ERP or MES reduces errors by manual data input.
  • Production & operation analysis report enhances factory management quality & control.
  • SDK & consulting service, reduce your integration time & cost.

Interconnectivity with Peripheral Equipment

  • Easy collaboration with common production equipment, such as barcode scanner or check weight.
  • Multiple open wired cables available for fast & easy equipment integration.