We supply a range of labelling systems to fit your specific labelling placement requirements.  

ALWind & ALCount

ALwind label unwinders and rewinders are robust powered units, controlled by intuitive to use dancing arm tension controller, allowing feed/rewind synchronisation with virtually any thermal label printer (or colour inkjet/laser).

They feature full steel construction, with a large base on which to sit the printer, ensuring positional continuity and reliable operation and automatic stopping in the event of reel end or web break, with acoustic alarm to alert the operator.


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ALWind & ALCount

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ALcount has two standard modes of operation:

When working as a rewinder the unit can rewind reel format labels of a maximum 300 mm diameter, wound either face in or face out, with a core diameter ranging from 46 to 110 mm. The maximum rewinding speed is over 50 mt/min.

When working as a control device, a photocell will not only count the labels but also check their presence on the reel, with an audible signal and automatic stop function where a missing label is detected. An ultrasonic detector is available for processing transparent labels as well as smart vision sensors and/or barcode check scanners for printed label inspection.