Primary Coders

Our range of Thermal and Continuous Inkjet coders, Transfer Overprinters, Handheld coders and Lasers are designed to print on various substrate materials to improve the efficiency of most production lines.

SmartDate X30

Main Benefits:

Built robust
Robust one-box solution that can be easily installed on your line or integrated by OEMs. It is the ideal coder for low to medium speed production lines printing on flexible film.

Compact one-box solution
Extremely compact in size (20 cm x 17 cm x 18 cm), it can easily be integrated into your production line and integrated by OEMs.

Increased uptime and reduced expenses over time
No need for plant air to install. In addition to reducing costs, print quality will remain constant through the years.

Automatic set-up; no human intervention required
Ribbons and printhead are automatically recognised and adjusted to code minutes after you start it.

Dead-dot detection system to eliminate faulty codes
Constant quality codes thanks to unique printhead monitoring.


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