Next Level Tertiary Coding
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Pyrotec PackMark, October 2020 – Next Level Tertiary Coding: Print and apply systems are ideal for identifying pallets in increasingly automated supply chain environments.

The 2200 Pallet from Markem-Imaje, and locally available from Pyrotec PackMark, builds on a proven concept of providing reliability, efficiency, and ease of use in demanding 24/7 environments. The 2200 Pallet takes print and apply to the next stage of evolution, giving you optimised operational intervention and unparalleled reliability. The system can be easily integrated onto any production line and offers outstanding print quality and precise application for excellent barcode reading in all distribution channels. In turn, this improves inventory control and logistics flow. The main benefits of the 2200 Pallet include one or two-side pallet Premium Label Solutions at speeds of up to 120 pallets per hour, a standard 18-month warranty, distinctive compact design and robust swing arm applicator that makes it the perfect long-term investment, a simple media path that allows operators to reload label and ribbon rolls in less than 40 seconds, and compliance with ANSI grade A/B codes even at the highest application speeds.

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