Five Benefits of Digital Label Printing
Pyro Blog Post 5 benefits of digital label printing


Pyrotec, April 2019: Five Benefits of Digital Label Printing

In March this year, with a clear vision for the future to drive growth, Pyrotec PackMedia announced a ground-breaking first for Africa – the purchase of a Durst Tau 330 RSC eight-colour digital label press.

‘We chose the Tau 330 RSC digital label press to drive our new market growth and maintain high customer service levels,’ explains Timothy Beattie, Pyrotec PackMedia’s general manager. ‘Importantly, we wanted a digital label press that would reduce turnaround times and provide customers with short print runs,’ he adds.

So, what are the benefits of digital label printing that Pyrotec PackMedia now offers customers?

Fast turnaround times
Unlike flexographic printing, digital printing doesn’t require plates. And, because set-up time is significantly reduced, this means customers receive their orders faster.

Attention-grabbing high quality
Because brand owners are constantly working to ensure their products have the most shelf shout possible, a product label carrying high-quality graphics and colours is essential. ‘Durst offers the most advanced technology, the best print resolution (1200 x 1200dpi), printing speed (78m/min), and printhead design (continuous ink circulation) of all the presses we investigated,’ Timothy explains.

The Durst Tau 330 RSC digital label press offers eight colours, achieving between 95% and 98% of the Pantone colour gamut, and, when the same substrate is used for consecutive jobs, set-up time and material waste are almost zero.

For digital printing, the DTP department prepares the electronic file to be printed. Consistency between reprints is guaranteed because there’s no opportunity for human and set-up errors.

Cost saving
Customers order only the number of labels they need, saving on storage space and ensuring that changes to on-pack product information can be made quickly and with very little waste.

Design flexibility
Digital presses offer great flexibility, especially for variable or personalised data printing. For customers who need to change text, graphics or images, digital technology enables operators to make changes on-the-fly without losing valuable time. This is also very beneficial for on-pack changes that need to be made quickly, or for promotional campaigns or seasonal changes.

‘We expect the Durst Tau 330 RSC high-speed label press to increase efficiencies and enhance our product and service offerings. With this latest digital technology, we can enter entirely new markets because we can print on a variety of materials including unsupported film,’ Timothy concludes.

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