Makhro Home & Garden


Makhro Home & Garden is a leading wholesaler of quality home and garden agrochemical products and fertilizers in South Africa. The company maintains its market position by continually updating current products while launching new offerings to meet the expectations and requirements of their local markets.

With strong consumer demand for their agrochemical products and fertilizers, Makhro Home & Garden needed a neat and presentable Premium Label Solutions that was able to provide enough space to communicate all of the mandatory information – such as ingredient composition, precautions and directions for use.

Pyrotec PackMedia’s Fix-a-Form® leaflet-label proved to be a comprehensive solution as it was able to convey a large amount of information on a limited amount of space. This solution also allowed for a full colour design adding to the aesthetic appeal of the packaging.

With the implementation of Pyrotec PackMedia’s Fix-a-Form® leaflet-labels, Makhro Home & Garden were able to streamline the production side of their business by:

  • Requiring less labour to complete each product – No additional handwork was required to include a leaflet into the outer carton of the final product. All of the required information was included in the design of every Fix-a-Form® leaflet-label.
  • Allowing for less warehousing and inventory – No need for additional leaflets or the warehousing thereof. Additional information was included in the design of every Fix-a-Form® leaflet-label for each product.
  • Quicker turnaround times on the production floor – Being part of the same label, pack labels and mandatory information are now applied in a single process.

Consumers also benefit from the application of Fix-a-Form® leaflet-labels onto Makhro Home & Gardens’ products. Fix-a-Form® leaflet-labels allow for resealability, making repeat use a pleasure. Longer leaflets may also be converted to a booklet format allowing for easier referencing.

Having a passion for the market that they look after very carefully, Makhro Home & Garden take pride in a philosophy that reads ‘Why try to explain miracles to your kids when you can plant them a garden – ~Robert Brault ~.