We supply wide a range of consumables to fit your specific requirements. 


Pyrotec PackMark provides a full range of superior consumables based on sound research by chemists based at our principals. These are manufactured specially to work best with the equipment ensuring durability and long life.

Benefits of Consumables

Extensive Range
A wide range of consumables is available for marking and coding all types of primary and secondary packaging

Performance and Reliability
Products have been extensively tested to ensure optimal performance. The entire process, from initial formulation, manufacturing to end sale, is carefully monitored.

Depending on the application, our principals provide different technologies using different consumables ranging from ketone/alcohol/water based inks, Touch Dry® Hot Melt inks to thermal transfer ribbons. A wide choice of options, within each technology, exists to allow end-users to meet branding requirements.

Regulation Compliance
Genuine consumables provided by our principals comply with industry-specific regulations such as food grade, RoHS, Sony Green partner and many others.

On-site application and chemistry support helps you pair the correct consumables with the right printer to meet every application and optimise customer processes.

Every production site is compliant with the best local practices and safety standards. Transportation and manufacturing processes are all ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Packaging ergonomics have all been designed for enhanced operator safety.

Pyrotec PackMark has hazardous substance warehouses in Cape Town and Johannesburg.


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Pyrotec PackMark offers a comprehensive range of consumables to meet your every printing need. Decades of experience formulating, manufacturing, and selling inks ensures that you get the highest quality inks available in the market and optimal performance with our printers.

  • Certified as a Sony Green Partner Supplier.
  • RoHS compliant.
  • All production sites comply with local regulations, industry standards, and best practices.
  • Proactive monitoring and management of changes to environmental and regulatory issues.

Inks for the 9232, 9020, 9030 and 9040

  •  Designed to print on all types of substrates from standard to high-performance applications (food grade, sterilisation, UV cure, egg coding, etc.).
  •  Available in ketone, alcohol, water bases, ketone-free, MEK-free.
  •  Available in a wide variety of colours.
  •  Regulations compliant (RoHS, Sony Green Partner, etc.).

Touch Dry® Hot Melt Inks for 5200, 5400, 5800, 6064 and 6096

  • Available for large character and small character inkjet printers.
  • Touch Dry® technology – solid at room temperature and prints are immediately dry after printing.
  • Designed to print on a wide range of applications and substrates.
  • Regulations compliant (RoHS, Sony Green Partner, etc.).

Inks for the 4020, 5600 and Crayon Plus

  • Designed to print on all types of secondary packaging. Available in alcohol, ethyl acetate, and water bases.
  • Available in a wide range of colours.
  • Regulations compliant (RoHS, Sony Green Partner, etc.).

Thermal Transfer Ribbons for the Desktop Printer, SmartDate, CimPak, CimJet, 2200 Pallet and 2200 Series

  • A wide range of approved high-quality thermal transfer ribbons for both flat and near edge printheads.
  • Designed to meet tough and demanding industrial printing applications.
  • All ribbons undergo extensive testing to ensure optimal performance with our printers.
  • Regulations compliant (RoHS, Sony Green Partner, etc.).

Pyrotec PackMark supplies labels for its range of Print & Apply labellers. These in-specification labels are designed to work perfectly with our thermal transfer ribbon. To make sure your application works correctly, roll sizes are co-ordinated with ribbon length to maximise uptime during change-over.

Combo Box

To reduce time and ensure efficient changeovers, Pyrotec PackMark supplies labels and thermal transfer ribbon (TTR) in a discounted Combo Box that is tailored to your needs. Labels and TTR are the same length so that they can be changed at the same time. The Combo Box also includes a printhead wipe to clean the printhead during the changeover.