Offer more value on-pack


In the current economic climate, almost all consumers are minding their budgets and looking for products and services that offer them maximum value for their money. While promotions, giveaways, special offers, discounts, sales and competitions all have their place – it is also important to remember that value is not about the most affordable product, but the one that offers more for less.

One of the best ways to communicate your value offering is on your product packaging. This means that every time a consumer comes across your product, whether they’re browsing the aisles at their local grocery store or taking a closer look at their purchases when they get home, they will be reminded of the value that your company and brand offers them.

By using an on-pack promotion or communication device to share your value message, you have the unique opportunity to grab attention and influence buying decisions right at the point of purchase. The message or special offer you are promoting is also directly connected to your product, which leaves no room for misunderstanding.

Pyrotec PackMedia provides a range of on-pack marketing and promotional tools that are carried on your product neatly and securely, without affecting the integrity or aesthetic appeal of your packaging.

Your options include:

  • ElastiTag®: a tailor-made tag that can be designed and produced in line with your business requirements. The tag comes complete with a unique elastomer loop that’s designed to fit snugly around your packaging, yet can be easily removed by the customer when they are ready to use the product. This device is ideal for advertising a special offer or competition, carrying a coupon or sample, or sharing extra information, tips and recipes that add value to your product.
  • Do-It® Hang Tabs and Display Strips: This versatile merchandising solution enables you to display your products strategically in any retail location. Do-It® Hang Tabs are plastic, self-adhesive merchandising display hangers that can transform almost any packaging into a peg-ready product. Do-It® Display Strips make it possible to hang product ranges in strategic locations – an ideal way to alert shoppers that you are running a promotion or special offer. You can also cross-merchandise items by placing them near each other using this device. Choose between adhesive and pocket strips, depending on your product packaging. We also custom-design Do-It® Display Strips for bulkier goods.
  •  Fix-a-Form® Promotional Booklet Label: Our high-quality multi-page labels enable you to expand your communication space without negatively impacting the size or functionality of your existing packaging. You can include all the promotional information you need – including diagrams and photos, as well as multiple languages. Fix-a-Form® Booklet Labels are compatible with any packaging material and can be custom-designed to fit securely onto containers of all shapes and sizes.

Show your customers how much you value them. For ideas and solutions, contact Pyrotec PackMedia today.