Collect All 10 Temporary Tattoos: Fix-a-Form® Case Study


When Zott, one of Germany’s leading dairy producers, wanted to drive sales of their Zott Monte Kids Yoghurts, they launched a highly successful on-pack promotional campaign that coincided with the movie release of Ice Age 3.

In order to create excitement and continue to increase yoghurt sales through the campaign period and beyond, Zott conceived a campaign that would not only attract attention at the point of purchase but keep customers engaged for longer. The group commissioned the design of ten unique temporary tattoos, each featuring a different Ice Age 3 character – and attached these to their yoghurt cartons using an innovative Fix-a-Form® Booklet Label design.

This label not only carried the free temporary tattoos neatly and securely on the product packaging, but also provided Zott with plenty of extra communication space in which to provide more information about the campaign, including a strong call to action that encouraged their young market to collect all ten tattoos.

The value of a campaign like this that is centred on desirable collectibles, is that it rewards the target market for buying the product, not just once but ten times over (as they collect and swap all ten characters). In this way, the on-pack campaign keeps the brand top of mind and encourages families to choose this particular yoghurt over the many others on the shelf, because it offers the added value of a free gift.

This was a high volume order that comprised 14,000,000 Twin-Form® Booklet Labels consisting of two pages each, with a re-sealable tab.

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Pyrotec PackMedia is proud to be the exclusive Fix-a-Form® Licensee in Southern Africa, specialising in developing, manufacturing, and supplying Fix-a-Form® Booklet Labels which enable our customers to increase product awareness, carry free gifts and collectibles, and boost sales.

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