Fix-a-Form® PHARMACEUTICAL leaflet label


Vital Health Foods -Sister Lilian Remedies

The vast amount of mandatory information required on pharmaceutical packaging, such as product contents, dosage and contra-indications, always presents a packaging challenge. Vital Health Foods briefed Pyrotec PackMedia to find a device that would amalgamate production information of their baby remedy brand, Sister Lilian, which has six ranges and 25 variations throughout the six ranges. What made this brief unique is the amount of information presented:  each product in the range had its own label, which provided information pertaining to that specific product whilst illustrating other various products available within the range.

Pyrotec PackMedia’s solution was a five-panelled Fix-a-Form® leaflet label, which eliminated using separate inserts inside the packs, whilst illustrating the other products available in the range.

Shirley Mabiletja, brand manager of Vital Health Foods, commended the result, “This label is very effective. The appearance of the packs is neat and much more presentable. We are very happy with the result. ”

The use of the label also translated into increased productivity as the labels are applied automatically making manual insertions a thing of the past.