Packaging that connects digitally
Packaging that connects digitally Web


Pyrotec, June 2021: Since the start of the pandemic, South Africa has seen a sharp rise in the uptake of online shopping. Among other things, this means that brand owners are increasingly considering how packaging translates digitally while also providing sufficient information, such as ingredients’ lists, brand stories and user information, to create a sense of trust.


Another ongoing trend and an important aspect of product marketing is storytelling. This is used to express what the brand is about and to provide engagement opportunities for consumers. Through storytelling, brand owners help consumers understand their companies behind their products.

Making the connection

Connected packaging employs QR codes, barcodes or image recognition through a browser-based app that connects consumers to relevant content and experiences. In doing so, brand owners can extend conversations with customers through their packaging. This not only establishes a stronger brand presence, but it also gathers valuable insights to better understanding your customers.

By transforming packaging into a digital experience, you create opportunities for education about a product or brand and you encourage loyalty while entertaining and engaging consumers.

Tailored targeting

Consumer engagement through connected packaging rewards shoppers with incentives such as discount codes, vouchers, and recipes. Through this engagement, deeper connections between customers and brands are formed because consumers appreciate being involved and understood and brand owners have a new way of engaging with consumers by directly targeting tailored messaging while collecting valuable data.

It’s not only expensive time-consuming apps that connect packaging with consumers. Digital experiences can be as simple as creating a series of QR codes and hosting a virtual experience on a browser, depending on what you are looking to achieve.

Key considerations for connected packaging include:

  • Targeting the right audience with the right strategy and technology.
  • Being clear about your campaign’s objectives and target audience, as well as the strategy that will align with these needs.
  • Understanding what data you want to collect (what you want to know about your customers) before your launch your campaign.
  • Using social media as a communication channel for educating consumers and encouraging shares to spread the word.


Pyrotec’s PackMark and PackMedia brands offer numerous ways for brand owners to connect digitally with consumers through their packaging. Whether using on-pack promotional devices or digital campaigns using QR codes, Pyrotec’s solutions seamlessly integrate with online media to strengthen relationships and consumer loyalty and create a multi-dimensional marketing strategy.

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