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Pyrotec, May 17, 2021: One of the signs of a company’s high-performance culture is communication. Exchanging information and ideas, and communicating these effectively, is central to all business goals.

Rowan Beattie, Pyrotec’s MD, has always believed that organisations adopt the characteristics of their leaders. He values above-board business dealings, innovative production focus, and constantly questioning the status quo by pushing the boundaries. ‘Our company’s vision – Together, We Grow – underscores everything we do at Pyrotec and is reflected in our values of freedom, responsibility, ethics, sustainability and humility,’ Rowan comments.

But at Pyrotec, communication is more than just an approach to good management, happy staff, and working together to attain the company’s goals.

Pyrotec specialises in helping packaged products communicate – whether through on-pack identification solutions that communicate with all parties in the supply chain, on-pack information and promotional solutions that engage with consumers, and anti-counterfeiting services that warn would-be criminals.

Communicating with the supply chain

Marking and coding is the method of printing essential product and traceability information on packaging, labels and other manufactured materials. Everyday examples include barcodes, serialisation codes, and expiry or ‘best by’ or ‘best before’ date – all of which offer a communication tool throughout the supply chain and on to consumers.

Pyrotec PackMark offers a comprehensive range of product identification solutions, including Premium Label Solutions, coding, print and apply Premium Label Solutions equipment, software and consumables. To apply labels and codes, Pyrotec PackMark’s vast portfolio of world-class coding, marking and Premium Label Solutions equipment from international manufacturers includes Markem-Imaje, ALTech, Accraply Europe (Harland), and ANSER amongst others.

Communicating with consumers

Initially a protective layer for food products, packaging has become prime marketing and communication space and a vital interface between brand owners and consumers. Designed well, packaging captures shoppers’ attention, and reassures and informs consumers about what it contains. Using an array of on-pack options, packaging can promote your brand, offer cross-promotional marketing, impart important user information, and it even connect to the internet to extend a product’s outreach.

Pyrotec PackMedia offers innovative on-pack informational and promotional solutions – including informational and promotional Fix-a-Form® booklet labels, digital Premium Label Solutions, Do-It Hang Tabs, and NFC smart labels – that allow our customers to take their on-pack communication to the next level.

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