Pyrotec’s Bursaries for 2021 Now Open
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At Pyrotec, we pride ourselves on being a responsible corporate citizen. This is not only reflected in our policy for social responsibility, which focuses on previously disadvantaged communities – particularly in the surrounding areas in which we operate – but also in our quest to accelerate empowerment and eradicate poverty through education.


‘We believe that lifelong learning keeps us innovative and that education is vital to placing Africa on a path of sustainable growth and development,’ says Rowan Beattie, Pyrotec’s managing director.


Apply now for success

Part of our endeavours to contribute to the growth and fulfilment of South Africa’s youth is through our bursary programme.


What is a bursary?

Work is scarce in South Africa and skilled employees are in great demand. But what if you don’t have the funds to get the education you need? A bursary is a sponsorship that companies give to qualifying students to enable them to study further. Once students receive their sought-after qualification, they’re able to find better work opportunities and they can look forward to a brighter future.


How it works

The company sponsoring the bursary provides financial assistance to the student to cover the cost of their qualification, and perhaps even accommodation, a travel allowance, and other related costs.


Fields of study for Pyrotec’s bursaries

The fully comprehensive Pyrotec bursary can be applied for in the following fields of study:


  • Industrial engineering
  • Finance
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Human resources
  • Psychology


How to apply

Bursaries are available for students in need of financial assistance who meet our application criteria. It’s also important that you show your dedication to furthering your studies. Visit Pyrotec’s website to download our bursary application form, complete your motivational letter, and return all supporting documentation to us by no later than the closing date on 1 January 2021.


To apply for a bursary for 2021, visit