Liquid Candy Milkshake and Mocktail Cordial syrup moves to digital printing with Pyrotec PackMedia.

Pyrotec PackMedia is dedicated to providing innovative and cost-effective label solutions. Liquid Candy, a prominent player in the food and beverage market, approached us to enhance their product branding while addressing the high costs associated with traditional printing methods. This case study explores our collaboration and the successful transition to digital printing for Liquid Candy’s labels.


Liquid Candy faced significant costs associated with high plate production across their extensive product range. Traditional printing methods required new plates for each artwork change, leading to substantial expenses over time.


To address these challenges, Pyrotec PackMedia recommended moving to digital printing. Although the initial setup required a die cutter, this approach offered long-term savings by eliminating the need for new plates with each artwork change. Instead, new artwork could be easily imported for printing within the same die line, providing flexibility and cost efficiency.


The switch to digital printing yielded significant benefits for Liquid Candy:

  • Cost Savings: Long-term savings were achieved by eliminating the recurring costs of new plates for artwork changes.
  • Efficiency: The ability to import new artwork into the existing die line simplified the printing process.
  • Quality: Liquid Candy received high-quality labels that met their branding objectives, enhancing the visual appeal of their products.

Liquid Candy praised the results, stating: “High-quality labels delivered.”

By transitioning Liquid Candy to digital printing, we not only reduced their costs but also maintained the high-quality standards essential for effective product branding in the competitive food and beverage market. Our successful collaboration with Liquid Candy exemplifies our ability to adapt to client needs and provide solutions that drive long-term value.

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