Comprehensive Coding and Software Solutions for Nutritional Customer Needs

Markem-Imaje is dedicated to delivering tailored coding and software solutions that meet the specific needs of various industries. This case study highlights how we successfully addressed the requirements of a nutritional customer by implementing a robust and efficient coding system.


The nutritional customer faced challenges in maintaining consistent and precise coding on their products. They required a solution that could not only apply codes efficiently but also verify them in real-time to ensure accuracy and compliance with industry standards.


Markem-Imaje implemented a dual-component solution consisting of the 9450 Continuous Inkjet Coder and the CoLOS® Mark & Read system:

  • 9450 Continuous Inkjet Coder: This advanced coder was selected for its reliability and high-quality printing capabilities. It ensured that each product was marked with clear and precise codes, essential for traceability and compliance.
  • CoLOS® Mark & Read System: The CoLOS® system enhanced the coding process by incorporating a camera on the production line to detect and verify codes. This system linked directly to the CoLOS® software, providing real-time monitoring and ensuring that only correctly coded products proceeded down the line.


The combined solution of the 9450 Continuous Inkjet Coder and CoLOS® Mark & Read system delivered outstanding results:

  • Increased Accuracy: Real-time code verification ensured that all products were accurately coded, reducing errors and enhancing traceability.
  • Improved Efficiency: The integrated system streamlined the production process, allowing for continuous operation with minimal manual intervention.
  • Enhanced Compliance: The reliable and precise coding met industry standards, ensuring the customer’s products remained compliant with regulatory requirements.

Markem-Imaje successfully met the nutritional customer’s needs by providing a comprehensive coding and software solution that combined the reliability of the 9450 Continuous Inkjet Coder with the advanced verification capabilities of the CoLOS® Mark & Read system. This case study demonstrates our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that enhance productivity, accuracy, and compliance for our clients.

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