A unique Multipage Label created for Hill’s Pet Nutrition
Since 2015, Helicopter Design Agency and Hill’s Pet Nutrition have trusted Pyrotec PackMedia to deliver high-quality, innovative label solutions. This case study explores how our multipage leaflet label addressed their specific needs, combining functionality and aesthetics.


Hill’s Pet Nutrition required a versatile labeling solution that:

  • Provided clear and accessible information to consumers.
  • Maintained the overall aesthetic and integrity of the packaging.
  • Offered additional functionality as a writable and removable scorecard.


Pyrotec PackMedia developed a multipage leaflet label that met and exceeded the client’s expectations:

  • Multipage Leaflet Label: This innovative label was applied directly onto the pack, eliminating the need for a separate clear pouch. It provided multiple pages of information in a compact format.
  • Writable and Removable Scorecard: In addition to providing essential product information, the leaflet functioned as a scorecard that consumers could write on and remove for their convenience.


The multipage leaflet label provided several key benefits:

  • Enhanced Consumer Engagement: The easy-to-read, multipage format delivered clear and comprehensive product information, enhancing the consumer experience.
  • Added Functionality: The writable and removable scorecard offered an additional layer of utility, making the label more than just an informational piece.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The label’s design and application maintained the packaging’s visual appeal, aligning with Hill’s Pet Nutrition’s brand standards.

Pyrotec PackMedia’s multipage leaflet label solution successfully addressed the needs of Helicopter Design Agency and Hill’s Pet Nutrition, providing a functional, presentable, and innovative labeling option. This case study highlights our commitment to delivering customized solutions that enhance product packaging and consumer engagement. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership and exploring new opportunities for innovation.

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