Protag® Neck Tags FOLD-ON


Genessi Range

With the bedding market so saturated with messaging around sleeping, Scarab Origination’s positioning for their client’s mattresses, the new Genessi range, was instead focused on being awake. The message revolved around living a better life, through having a better night’s sleep. With this idea in mind, they approached Clover and tied in Genessi’s new product offering (sleep well) with the benefits of orange juice (live well).

Scarab’s initial idea was to have a miniature magazine included into the Clover Crush orange juice label. However, due to many limiting factors, including line speed and moisture issues, Pyrotec PackMedia suggested the use of a Protag Fix-a-Form Booklet, which included adding a booklet in a Fix-a-Form format onto a Protag.

The result is a beautiful, eye-catching design, incorporated into an award-winning and innovative product that takes BTL advertising to new heights.